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ArtsPower National Touring Theatre
My Heart in a Suitcase

Drama for grades 4 - 8

Curriculum Connections:
Family Relationships

Length of Performance: 55 Minutes

Anne Lehmann and her family no longer feel safe in their Berlin home. Life in Germany is deteriorating quickly for the Lehmanns and all Jews in Germany; in order to protect their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Lehmann may have to say goodbye to her forever. Now Anne must struggle to bring meaning out of despair, to cling to love and hope even in a world that seems to be filled with hatred and violence.

The result is a gripping and poignant production, a tribute to the strength of the human spirit. ArtsPower hopes to touch the hearts and minds of old and young alike by adapting a survivor’s story, to inspire audiences to read and learn more about the Holocaust by weaving an emotional bond through art.

As they show young people what happened in Germany and in other occupied nations prior to and during World War II – and how a heroine survived thanks to her own courage and the generosity of others – ArtsPower will teach them the importance of combating intolerance.  The ultimate goal is to motivate children not only to appreciate reading and the theatre but also to love and respect all their fellow human beings.

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What Our Young Audiences Are Saying
Audience Testimonials
My Heart in a Suitcase
Bring This Show To You
"My Heart in a Suitcase"- A Play for Kinder about the Kindertransport
The cast of ArtsPower’s production of MY HEART IN A SUITCASE
The cast of ArtsPower’s production of MY HEART IN A SUITCASE with author Anne L. Fox (center).
Relevant Links
The Kindertransport Association (KTA) is a not-for-profit organization of child holocaust survivors who were sent, without their parents, out of Austria, Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia to Great Britain.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.
AJR was founded in 1941 by Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution in Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, 60,000 of whom found shelter in Britain. Today the leadership and management of the AJR have been assumed by their successor generation in order to ensure the rights and welfare of their parents, as well as to preserve German and mid-European Jewish cultural values.
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My Heart in a Suitcase
My Heart in a Suitcase
My Heart in a Suitcase
My Heart in a Suitcase
My Heart in a Suitcase
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